Resource Price Tracker

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Track the price of all resources (Garpen Copper, Iron, Silver, Ozymodium, Crafting Catalyst, Combining Catalyst, Stellar Shard) without the need of asking other or opening game.


Resource Price

NamePriceHolders*Amount in DEXAmount hold in hands*Max amount hold by a hand*





Crafting Catalyst

Combine Catalyst

Terraform Capsule


Quicksilver Capsule

Stellar Shard

Jungle Gem



Hopper Capsule

Latest In-DEX Resource Holders


Resource Amount Hold In Hands in Last 30 Days

Other Tools

Crafting Price Calculator

Check the required resources, total cost to craft any items of all categories (Mining Tools, Armor, Capsule, Weapon).

Combining Price Calculator

Calculate the required resources, total cost for upgrading equipment (pick and armor). Current maximum upgrade level is 5.

Dig Profit Calculator

Big concern for any P2E game - PROFITABLE. This tool calculates the maximum dig profit, based on 5 digs, at depth 3, with 5-star result per dig. Help miners answer the question "is this game profitable?"

Find Lands

Make it easy to find lands across planets (Terra Prime, Terra Simia, Terra Caldera) with available resources, cheap rent cost. Lands could be filtered with planet, type of resource, remaining percents, and rent cost. This tool helps miners dig efficiently.

(more features to come)

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